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This new program defines clearly what it means to be a sustainable fleet by setting objective, meaningful standards and guidelines to achieve. Designed by fleets, for fleets, NAFA tapped the collective resources, experience, and expertise of veteran fleet managers, as well as the organization CALSTART, to establish the official standard for being a sustainable fleet. NAFA partnered with CALSTART which provides the data collection and calculation tools used to justify tier levels of the participants.

CALSTART is a member-supported organization of more than 150 firms, fleets and agencies worldwide dedicated to supporting a growing high-tech, clean transportation industry that cleans the air, creates jobs, cuts imported oil and reduces global warming emissions.

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Enrollment is open to anyone who tracks fuel use and has a sustainability program. Download the form to get started today!


NAFA aims to become the worldwide green standard for recognizing fleet transportation improvements in air quality through reducing emissions, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing fuel use. There is no ONE approach – you set the strategy, the program me
Exclusive – Yet Open to ALL Fleets
NAFA has the only recognized accreditation program for fleets that provides a singular set of standards and unique tools that help fleets measure, track and score accomplishments toward sustainability.
NAFA and CALSTART provide an independent and trustworthy third-party accreditation to validate the sustainability efforts of various entities within the industry.
We streamline entry into the program by working within the established data protocols already used by the Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, California Air Resources Board and other fleet management corporations.
NAFA offers an easy and secure way to enter the program by allowing flexibility with the level of detail of the data fleet managers submit. It can be as simple as submitting the number and types of vehicles in your fleet and the type and amount of fuel us
NAFA assures that all data collected will be kept safe and strictly confidential. NAFA may report general aggregated data, but will not report data on any specific fleet. The amount of publicity fleets receive can also be limited and will be based on thei
All accredited fleets are recognized for meeting the core standard and are permitted to use the official emblem. If requested, NAFA will provide the appropriate level of publicity and positioning for each participant’s sustainability commitment and level

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To enroll, download and complete the enrollment form.

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